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Sporting City Way



Sporting City West represents and embodies the values of Sporting Kansas City, which is a modern sports club. Sporting City West is a place where people are more than just players, coaches, parents, associates, or fans. We are a family, a community, and believe in unity not separation, a place where people say “we”. A place where we learn, play and grow together through the love of the sport. Welcome to the Club. Welcome to Sporting City West!

What values do we train and promote?

At Sporting City West, we want to create positive and individualized learning experiences for every child. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opponent and prevent the opponent from scoring goals. In order to achieve this, we need to develop players who can find creative solutions to game problems. As such, our values are based around our name which defines us, our identity and our values, we are SPORTING:

We want players, coaches and parents who promote these values, as we look for players who can be:

 Self Learners - Thinks creatively and independently 

 Problem Solvers - Discovers their own solution to solve game problems  

Ownership - Takes responsibility and accountability for their learning

Respectful - Demonstrates active listening and respect towards all teammates, opponents, parents and referees

Team First - Putting others first, your teammates, your coaches, your Sporting City West Family. The Crest  on the jersey comes first. “Two States. One City, One Club.”

Intelligence - Game intelligence to play with instinct, disguise and deception  

Nurturing - Promotes a positive attitude and environment towards learning

Growth Mindset - Open to challenge, seeks opportunities to learn